Orange Creek Station: Winner of the Central Australian Producer Steer Challenge

Chris Materne, Livestock Industry Development Officer

Jane Tincknell, (Former DPI&F) Wally Klein (Orange Creek), Chris Materne (DPI&F), Joella Klein & Billy Nelson (Orange Creek) 

On Friday 3rd June the winner of the inaugural Central Australian Quality Graze Producer Steer Challenge was revealed at a celebratory dinner held at the Overlander Steakhouse in Alice Springs.

A group of eight steers from Orange Creek Station, owned by Wally Klein, was the overall winner. Wally also presented the top performing individual steer, a Brangus. The Orange Creek winning group of Herefords, Brangus and Brahman cattle grew at an average rate of 0.61kg per day while in the trial. All these animals graded MSA and achieved an average return of $1008 over the 22 months in the trial and $1604 over their lifespan. The runner- up in the steer challenge was Roy Chisholm of Napperby Station with Santa Gertrudis and Angus cross bred cattle.

All 54 animals in the trial performed exceptionally well with 91% of the 30 month old steers grading MSA for guaranteed meat quality. These animals averaged a growth rate of 0.55kg/day receiving $5.12 per kg dressed that resulted in a total return of $1586 per steer.

The different breeds in the trial performed very similar with relatively small winning margins which highlighted just how good the local native pastures are for cattle production, it being a real strength of the Central Australian cattle industry

WINNER Brangus Tag 12022, Orange Creek,Value added over 22 month trial period, Total $1,138, Which equates to $1.73 per day or $52 per monthRUNNER-UP : “one-ear” Murray Grey Tag 12211, Curtin Springs Value added over 22 month trial period, Total $1,074, Which equates to $1.63 per day or $49 per month

Seen at the inaugural Steer Challenge dinner

Bec & Ben Saint (Kurundi), Alethea Nicolle (Mulga Park), Barry  Gerschwitz (Rabobank), Steve Cadzow (Mt Riddock)Joella Klein (Orange Creek), Rebecca Cadzow (Mt Riddock)Janet Chisholm (Napperby), Nicole & Ben Hayes (Undoolya)Ashley Severin (Curtin Springs), Jane Tincknell (Former DPI&F)Andrew Stephens (Landmark), Shane Nicolle (Mulga Park)Chris Materne (DPI&F), Lyndee Severin (Curtin Springs)Bryan Gill (OMP), Paul Smith (Tieyon), Sally Sims (OMP)Sally Sims (DPI&F) Alethea Nicolle (Mulga Park) and Elizabeth MaterneBryan Gill (DPI&F), Jane Tincknell (Former DPI&F)Trophys

Last updated: 23 September 2019


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