Mountain Valley Station Field day, Central Arnhem Road 11th April 2017

Management activity discussions


  • 9:30am – arrival and smoko
  • Welcome (background / purpose)
  • Introductions / RRLG overview 
  • Grader grass discussion / WMB update / Previous grader grass trial overview
  • DPIR Improved pastures, weeds and research opportunities
  • Property drive and pasture discussions – Competition species for grader grass, pasture ID and dynamics
  • Rangelands monitoring discussion      
  • Fire discussion – Bushfires NT update, planning for 2017, nomination of a fire warden for district, strategic operations, cross boundary ops, incendiaries / matches, equipment subsidy
  • Central Arnhem Road update – providing a schedule of proposed works, opening grade timing, full maintenance grade and closing grade, any other related business.
  • Other discussion
  • Close – 1600

Last updated: 06 December 2018