Biofertiliser - what's it all about?

Territory Natural Resource Management will be running a three day biofertiliser course as part of the NT Soil Consortium. Biofertiliser is a ferment made from a biological base in water and enriched with foods to feed biology and minerals for biology to digest. The final product becomes a solution that contains chelated minerals, biocoloides, hormones, biocatalysts, and micro-organisms. It can nourish, regenerate and activate life in the soil, it revitalises plants and stimulates their immune system against disease, fungi and insect attack.  It can also be used as a substitute for expensive chemical and biological fertilisers. Attendees will learn about soil and plant health and the value of using organic and biological inputs that chelate bio-available minerals in solution, utilise beneficial microbes and prevent pest and disease outbreaks.

The course will be held 4-6 June in Darwin.

For more information, please contact Jacob Betros (

Last updated: 07 August 2019