Advance your career with horticulture grants for young Australians

Region: Greater Darwin, Katherine, Barkly, Central | Topic: Horticulture
28 Sep 2020

Shot of a man tending to the plants in his nurseryHort Innovation and the 2021 Science and Innovation Awards for Young People in Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry are offering a competitive grant program for young researchers, scientists, producers and innovators aged 18-35. The grant program funds research projects that benefit Australia’s primary industries and in turn advances the careers of successful recipients.

The annual Science Awards, coordinated by the Australian Bureau of Agriculture and Resource Economics and Science (ABARES) consist of 10 industry Science Award categories, including horticulture.

Hort Innovation is the official Science Award partner and is offering a grant of $22 000 through the Hort Innovation Leadership Fund to a young Australian with an innovative research idea for the horticultural sector.

More information

For more information and to apply visit the Hort Innovation website.

Applications close 5.00pm Friday 2 October 2020.

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