Johne’s Beef Assurance Score (J-BAS) reminder

Region: Greater Darwin, Katherine, Barkly, Central | Topic: Biosecurity
28 Sep 2020

J-BAS CowsThe J-BAS is a number from 0 to 8 which represents the risk of Johne's disease on a property. A high score means a low risk of Johne's disease.

Participation in J-BAS is voluntary. It is not regulated by government.

In July 2017, all Northern Territory properties without a biosecurity plan went to J-BAS 0.

Check your markets and find out if your buyers require a J-BAS.

  • To sell or move cattle into WA, you will need at least a J-BAS 7.
  • Live export markets require a property to be free from Johne's disease for up to five years. This is consistent with J-BAS 6.

To find out how to change a JBAS, see J-BAS Flowchart for NT producers.

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