New Jackfruit project to look at processing options

Region: Greater Darwin, Katherine Region, Barkly Region, Central Australia | Topic: Horticulture
28 Sep 2020

Jackfruit growing on treeTropical exotic fruit products are not always well understood by the retailers, wholesalers and consumers. Reviews of the Jackfruit industry have identified scope for ‘edible’ jackfruit products. Jackfruit are large and difficult to process due to their weight and sticky latex - a key barrier to the growth of the industry. The Sydney and Melbourne markets have a preference for jackfruit used both fresh and in cooked dishes, and may benefit from standardised packaging, and processing the fruit into ready to eat products.

There is a growing market trend towards products that align with environmental and social drivers, including plant based, meat alternatives. By changing how the fruit is offered to the consumer, such as through new products, we are hoping to tap into this trend and grow the jackfruit industry.

Working in partnership with Monash University through its Monash Food Innovation coupled with the Faculties of Engineering and Business & Economics, this AgriFutures funded project will evaluate individual jackfruit for physical and chemical characteristics which may be desirable for processed products. Whilst the project will not produce a commercialised product, the development of concept products is a key step in the process towards a commercial product.

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Doris Marcsik
Research Officer
Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade

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