Reducing the impacts of feral pigs

Region: Greater Darwin, Katherine, Barkly, Central | Topic: Biosecurity
28 Sep 2020

Feral pigs pose a significant threat to Australia’s $60 billion agricultural industry, destroying crops and pastures, spreading weeds and disease, and preying on livestock. Feral pigs also cause serious damage to the natural environment.

The Commonwealth, State and Territory governments, together with the agriculture sector, environmental bodies and local communities, are committed to reducing the impacts of feral pigs in Australia.

In December 2019, the Australian Government provided $1.4 million over 3.5 years to Australian Pork Limited (APL) to establish a National Feral Pig Management Coordinator to facilitate the delivery of feral pig management approaches on a national, regional and local scale, undertake stakeholder engagement, drive effective investment and raise awareness of feral pig issues.

The National Feral Pig Action Plan will provide direction for the national coordinated and strategic management in response to the increased risks and threats that feral pigs present, using the framework of the National Wild Dog Action Plan.

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