Next Gen weather station installed at KRS

Nick Hartley, Ian Biggs, Plant Industries Branch

The new weather station and soil probe at Katherine Research Station (KRS)

The new weather station and soil probe at Katherine Research Station (KRS)

Accurate data is a must for precision agriculture. A Nimbus weather station has been installed at Katherine Research Station (KRS), along with a 1.6m soil probe. The system has been set up to monitor soil moisture and temperature at 10cm intervals every 10 minutes. This information along with an array of weather data can be accessed online through Goanna Telemetry Systems.

“This will provide really valuable information for precision research especially to that depth”
Nick Hartley, DPIR technical officer

Along with the soil probe the weather data collected will include: rainfall, wind speed and direction, air and soil temperature, humidity, dew point, solar radiation, barometric pressure, ETo and delta T.

The soil type at the weather station is a red Kandosol (Tippera). While the weather station and soil probe have been installed in the south west corner of the horticulture block, additional soil probes installed at other location around KRS can be monitored through the Nimbus weather station.

Figure 4: location of the new weather station and soil probe at KRS, courtesy of Goanna Telemetry Systems (online).

The information gathered can be accessed online and downloaded as either excel spreadsheet or in pdf format. If you are interested in having a look at the system or the online data, contact Nick Hartley on 08 8999 2225 for more information.

Last updated: 30 April 2020

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