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Our dry hot humid Wet Season is currently being followed up by a wet hot humid Dry Season. Hopefully cool weather is on its way, not just for the relief of the populace, but to aid mango flowering to set a crop for later this year.

The late rain has affected the quality of some hay crops and delayed the harvest of others. Now is a good time for producers with livestock to check their standing feed resource and water supply, as both may become limiting if we have a long Dry Season this year.

Developing the North is currently high on the agenda. The successful Northern Australian Food Futures Conference held in Darwin during April is being followed up by the annual Developing Northern Australia Conference this month. The title of the conference is “Above the Line –unleashing the north’s potential”. Based on the “Top Actions Summary” identified in the Australian Government’s White Paper on Developing Northern Australia, this conference will explore how industry, business, government and agribusiness are embracing the opportunities for sustainable growth into the next decade.



Last updated: 24 September 2019


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