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The Department farewelled long term employee Trisha Cowley last month. Trish has worked for the Northern Territory Government for 10 years, and is leaving her position as the Pastoral Production Extension Officer at Katherine Research Station. She and her family have moved to a farm in NSW and we wish her all the best in the future.

Stu and Trish have gone to greener grass
Where they’ll grow cattle of a different class
Headed to the hills around Armidale
Our eyes fill with tears as she sets sail.
She’s counted grass, been one of the team
Forever and a day as it would seem
But start as she did in 2006
In cut off shorts with legs like sticks
Belt hung so low Kieren thought she would trip
Fashion icon always is our dear Trish.
As well as count grass, she ran Live Weight Gain
Often covered head to toe in bovine poo stain
She then spread her wings and ran PDSs
Polled genes and HGPs removing the guesses
Bull breeding and EBVs were some of her passions
Also calculating supplementation breeder cow rations.
“Herd efficiency is paramount!” we would hear her cry
“Why feed a non-performer?” with hands in the sky
A great extension officer has been our dear Trish
Positively influencing beef in the north was her only wish
Calendars full of workshops, year in, year out
Her dedication to her industry was without a doubt
She came to town foot loose and fancy free
Now leaving with husband, bub and dog aplenty
We will miss her car dancing, work ethic and smile
As she hits the road for many a country mile
We wish her little family well as they leave paddocks of brown
And thank her from the bottom of our hearts as they leave K-town.

From all in the Pastoral Production Team


Trisha Cowley Trisha Cowley 

Trish will be sadly missed at KRS 

Always a happy smile, even when working in the mud!

Last updated: 30 April 2020

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