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Silvicultural systems to optimise value from northern Australian Mahogany Plantations

This project will identify the silvicultural inputs necessary to optimize the value of the African mahogany (Khaya senegalensis) from existing and future plantations in northern Australia, by determining the impact of silvicultural inputs (pruning, mid-rotation thinning and fertiliation) on the log and wood quality of the Northern Territory’s African mahogany for the market specifications, whilst ensuring the sustainability and profitability of Territory forestry growers.



A series of forums to discuss the opportunities and constraints of forestry and forest products in northern Australia were held 11-16 June 2019.

This is part of a project funded by:

The key themes raised in these workshops were:

  • Forest inventory and silvicultural information needs to be improved for end use and investment decisions to be taken in northern Australia
  • Security of access to supply is a major constraint on investment in wood processing, including resource availability from crown-owned, leasehold land  and private resources
  • Re-vegetation opportunities on mine sites are significant, including for regrowth native forests and plantation forestry, but engagement with the mining industry needs to be enhanced to be effective in the future
  • Opportunities for meeting local supply are significant, as well as specific export markets for some regions
  • Market information needs improvement, especially for longer term decision making
  • Carbon markets can play a role but more carbon accounting work is needed, particularly for native forestry activities

For more information on the day please visit the Timber Queensland website. The presentations from the workshops are also available on the website:

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Last updated: 24 September 2019

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