Review of Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals (Control of Use) Act


The Department of Primary Industry and Resources (DPIR) published a discussion paper on 3 September 2018 that discusses the scope and operation of activities legislated under the Act.

The paper discusses issues that have previously been raised by stakeholders relating to the purpose and provision of the Act, and aims to elicit public comment on these themes and issues.

Interested members of the public were invited to provide comment and feedback on the paper (70.4 kb).

Request for comments

The department collated responses received in regards to the use sodium fluoroacetate (1080) and has identified some changes that may be made to the Directions for Use of 1080 for Wild Dog Control, the guiding document for Pest Animal Management Authorisation (PAMA) holders.

These include:

  • Where identified, require public notification signage to be placed at a minimum of 5km intervals on designated roads.
  • PAMA reporting advice to include DPIR as part of stakeholder notification prior to baiting operations.
  • DPIR to make available improved education materials to target veterinarians and key stakeholders.
  • Require a PAMA holder to conduct an investigation and report on non-target animal deaths.
  • Consideration of the management of 1080 concentrate storage or require disposal or residual volumes between baiting rounds and between years.

The information document collating the responses is available for download (172.3 kb).

The department is calling for comments from PAMA holders by 8 December 2018 and can be provided to

Last updated: 05 November 2018